Palma, Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca has been the winner of "The best places to live overseas", by the Sunday Times and the main reason is its picturesque old town with beaches within walking distance and a great climate.

Also the fantastic infrastructure and easy and relatively cheap connections from all over Europe. Palma is fashionable, thousands of possibilities to enjoy the Mediterranean charm.

Everyone wants to enjoy an amazing city full of Mediterranean charm. Two hours away from most European cities it offers a great variety of high level hotels. It's the perfect location for a "city break" at any time of year. This is reflected in tourism and especially in a booming property market focused on the city of Palma and its surroundings.

Cultural life is all around in museums and galleries with events such as the Nit de l'Art, the Art Palma Brunch or TaPalma.

The old town with its stately courtyards leading their way by cobbled streets where the echoes of ancient legends still sound to make its way to places to enjoy the good weather on the terrace..

The route of the markets is the best meeting point during the day. In the “Olivar market” and “Santa Catalina market” you can buy a great selection of fresh fish and seafood to get it freshly prepared and cooked in a different spot of this fantastic market. In addition, Palma offers yachting, golf entertainment, shopping and sports events throughout the year.

For all these reasons the current demand for property in Palma and its surroundings is higher than the offer, we note that the property market in Palma is recovered and booming.

If you wish to sell your property in Palma contact us, we will be pleased to help.