Santa Catalina, Mallorca

Santa Catalina is the new trendy quarter of Palma with a lot of stylish bars, chic restaurants and trendy shops that are located just outside the front door, only 5 minutes walk from the cathedral and old town of Palma.

The heart of this area is the iconic market hall of Santa Catalina, which is actually the oldest market in Palma, and exists since 1249. The market offers an amazing variety of vegetables, and exotic fruits, fresh fish, superb meat and also organic vegetables from local farmers. Furthermore you will find Sushi bars, gourmet shops and wine stores next to authentic Spanish tapas bars in the market.

The buzzling life of the market turns into a more laid back affair once you step outside, with several cafes, bars and restaurants next to the market hall. The quarter is a melting pot and not only the visitors and people here but also the restaurant owners, chefs and employees come from all over the world and give the area a cosmopolitan touch. That is also one reason why Santa Catalina offers a broad range of different cuisines, from Thai, over Japanese, Indian, Peruvian, Italian, Lebanese,  Mallorquin and Spanish to Swedish restaurants, to name a few.

Discover a very different face of Palma and take part in the cosmopolitan life of Santa Catalina, which is reminiscent of the iconic quarters of SoHo and Tribeca in their infancy. We offer a broad range of  properties in and around Santa Catalina. Whether you are looking for a stylish apartment right in the heart for your weekend breaks or holidays, or an ample penthouse with sea views and the market hall at your doorstep as your main residence.